Keeping it real….awkward

I remember when I was a youth (or yout for you Cousin Vinny fans), I was super awkward.  I don’t mean in that “yeah everything thinks they were awkward but really its just a phase” awkward, I mean I was certifiably awkward.   Award-winningly awkward.  Bad perm awkward.  Braces awkward.  I didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere.  I was told that the best was yet to come and that someday I would go from being this awkward kid to a completely bad ass adult.  As if there was a promised land for the tragically unhip, an earth that only the awkward would inherit. As if I would wake up in my mid-thirties and all my insecurities would be gone.

Well, here i am…on the cusp of leaving my mid-thirties for the dreaded “late thirties” and I still feel freaking awkward.  How is that even possible.  No perm.  No braces.  No bad skin…but still tragically unhip and still wondering where I fit.  It’s taken me this long to fully understand and embrace that awkwardness…at least my brand of it is a life long condition, manageable, perhaps…but chronic.

Not a complaint.  Just an observation.  A realization.  And an acknowledgment.

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