IMG_20130120_100559This blog is my mom’s fault.  When Kiddo was born she gave me a notebook and asked me to journal about my experiences with parenting.  Turns out I am more of a typer than a scribbler so here I am.  I also thought having an outlet for more personal writings might take pressure off and help alleviate the writers block I get when writing for work…kind of an attempt to keep the writing pipes flowing.

This blog has not particular agenda.  It was not meant to be a “mommy blog”, but what mommy blog ever starts out that way.  I am a feminist, a lefty, wannabe crafter, aspiring runner,  suburban subversive and an anti-violence advocate, I am sure those topics will find there way here because they color my world.

So about me: I am a thirty something “new” mom.  Because I am a thirty something, I am bordering on being an “old” mom.  I am married to a fabulous fellow, we live in the ‘burbs in the California Central Valley.  I am a Bay Area native and a semi-SAHM.  We garden and keep chickens.  Sometimes I think it would be great to live on a farm and have a little roadside stand selling homemade jam, and other times I wish I could move the whole gang to Oakland because I miss the noise and accessibility of city life.

About the name Yoga Pants and Wine?  Because the clothes make the (wo)man and you are what you eat….I suppose.


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