Posted in February 2013

Sleeping Arrangements

If you have been a new mom or you know someone who has been a new mom then you know that sleep is an especially precious commodity.  I don’t think I have had a good nights sleep since December of 2011. The past few nights have been especially trying.  The Kiddo is teething and is … Continue reading

What Would You Do Wednesdays

About a month or so ago I put a call out on my facebook page for people to send me their questions because I thought it would be amusing to do an advice column.   Naturally, my friends thought this was tremendously funny and sent me a bunch of questions that were either (a) obviously … Continue reading

Backpack Mystery

I wrote yesterday about my new goal of walking 100 miles by July.  I had not planning on writing much more about my daily walkabouts, but then today’s walk turned out a little strange. One of my usual routes takes us (the Kiddo, the dog and me) on a bike/jogging path next to a creek. … Continue reading

100 Miles

I am a little behind on the whole new years resolution/exercise bandwagon.  Mostly because I have exercised regularly so I did not feel like I *needed* to make a resolution.  However, now that I am home more with the Kiddo it is harder to get in a good workout so I have been trying to … Continue reading

Super Bowl Sunday

I love Super Bowl Sunday. I don’t care much for football but there is something about the Super Bowl that just makes me happy.  I am originally from the SF Bay Area so  the fact the 49ers are in it this year makes it sweeter. I dont think you could call my family a football family.  None … Continue reading

memories of homeless outreach

I swore I would keep this blog upbeat, but something has been eating away at me.  When I was running to the grocery store the other day to grab the fixins for dinner I could not help but notice there was a new addition to my neighborhood strip mall.  It was a man, holding a cardboard sign … Continue reading