Where the hell have you been


I was on a break.

Why?  Well…it was a bit of a self imposed, self reflection, self centered kind of a thing. Working out the details of some stuff that needs changing.  It was like a spring cleaning for my soul, I guess.

But, heres what you missed, or rather…wheres what I didn’t bother writing about:

1. Hawaii. Amazing.  

2. Chi-Chis…its like a pina colada for people that dont care for rum (or who just like vodka…either way, its my kind of drink).

3. Trying to learn the art of stand up paddle boarding taught me that I am old and my body is rejecting new tricks.  

4. I have a kid that is walking now.  Why did I wait until item #4 to share?  Because I am self centered.  

5. Having a kid who is walking is a great way to crank up the ol’ stress level to 11.  Also, does anyone know a good way to really child proof the knobs on a gas stove?

6. I very nearly lost my cat due to a fairly unusual (and grotesque) gland issue.  He is much better now, but he got to spend two weeks wearing the cone of shame, and I got a stern reminder that there is no such thing as a free cat.

So thats it.  I missed reading the blogs I follow and I missed writing.  I promise I will not stay away for months on end.  

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