New beginings

I have very few close friends.  Mostly because I am one of those hard to get along with types.  Those who have hung in there with me are treasured  beyond words.  One of those most treasured friends gave birth to her baby girl early this morning.  I am so ridiculously happy for her.  I got to spend time with the Mama yesterday, just a few hours before she went into labor.   She was living on the other side the the country when she had her first child and I am so happy that she is back within driving distance so I can see her and her family more often.

We are starting something new here as well.  Not nearly as exciting as a new baby (although having just survived my first few months of motherhood, Im ok with less excitement), the Hubs has prepared the yard for the spring garden.  The compost has been added, the ground tilled and now we let it sit for a couple months and let the chickens have their way with it.  We will eventually put a fence up to keep the chickens out and then begin planting.  We are also swapping out ornamental plants with edibles as the opportunities present themselves.   We already have onions in the front yard and a couple randomly placed tomato plants.

I had solicited questions from friends because I thought it would be fun to do an occasional advice column.  Then Abby (from Dear Abby) died and it seemed tacky to publish it.  I am not sure what the appropriate internet mourning period is, but once that has past I will post the questions.



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