100 Miles: the follow up

Hey ya’ll remember when I said I made myself a goal to walk 100 miles by July? We guess what?

I am 80% of the way there!  Seriously!  I am!

Heres the deal.  After made the challenge, I became super motivated I was finding excuses to get out and walk…and being a bit of a diva about counting those miles.  I learned all sorts of things about distances to things in my neighborhood, like the distance between my house and our daycare is .75mi round trip, so if I walk the Kiddo to and from, thats an easy 1.5mi every time.  Hurray!  One of my facebook pals, Patti O’Leary, thought it would be fun to make a 100 mi challenge group which started a week or so after I started my challenged, so I joined that too so I would have an extra fire under my butt to get going.  And then there is my weekend hiking group.  Hey have been a great source of encouragement too.

When it was clear I was going to totally smash that goal I thought I should up the stakes a little and start training to run (eek!) a 5k.  I’ve written before about my hubby, the runner and we are going to run a 5k in May, together…with the Kiddo (ok, she will be in a stroller, but you get my drift).

I am thrilled that things have gone as well as they have.  I love that I have met new people doing this challenge, both online and in person.  As the weather has improved the couch to 5kers are out in force in my neighborhood and my previously hidden gem of a park with the perfect quartermile loop now regularly has three or four runners in training in the mornings.

One of the biggest changes I have noticed is in my attitude.  I like to exercise, but walking or running has never been something I particularly cared for and now I look forward to it.  Thats pretty cool.

6 thoughts on “100 Miles: the follow up

    • I hear ya. I have not been the biggest fan of hiking (all that up hill…ugh, who has time for that?), but I am coming around to it. Who knows whats next…probably camping (eh, probably not).

  1. Great job jumping into a challenge and goal for yourself that will help you and your whole family while inspiring many people along the way. it is fun to know the distance between places and making a game of things sure helps keep the motivation up. Good luck in your first 5k. Look forward to hearing about your success. Cheers!

  2. That’s really awesome! Way to blow past your goals and set new ones! Before you know it you’ll be training for a half-marathon! 🙂

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