Super Bowl Sunday

I love Super Bowl Sunday.

I don’t care much for football but there is something about the Super Bowl that just makes me happy.  I am originally from the SF Bay Area so  the fact the 49ers are in it this year makes it sweeter.

I dont think you could call my family a football family.  None of us actually played, although judging by how much my mom would yell at the television, she may have thought she was a coach.  My parents were loyal 49er fans  I have great memories of watching football with my family, even if I was not into the game itself, I loved the time we spent together.

When I was young we would go to church and then stop at Togos on the way home for a family size #16.  We would make my sister hold it because it was bigger than she was, and then we would go home to watch the game.  When the 49ers were in the Super Bowl the energy was electric, even for a little girl who knew nothing about the ins and outs of the game.  Suddenly my family’s sunday ritual was part of a larger event, and the entire community was involved.  Football chatter was everywhere, and we were part of it.  I was part of it, and for a kid that never really fit in, being part of something was really exciting.

So, I am feeling a bit like a kid again today.  The hometown team is in the big game and we will be taking the Kiddo over to a friends house for some good eats and to cheer them on.  Until I sat down to write this, I was struggling with what food we should bring with us to share, but now I think I will fall back on the old family tradition of a Togos’ #16.

6 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday

  1. Nice to meet you, Jennifer! I saw your blog on Blogger’s Corner. I love the name! Now, can you tell me what a Togos’ #16 is? I’m looking for something to get for my family! My husband is the only one interested in football, and being in New England, of course he was hoping the Patriots would be playing. We’ll watch anyway… usually I watch for the commercials, but maybe I’ll root for the 49ers for you. It sounds like such great family memories you have! ~ Suerae

    • Thanks Suerae, Togos is a sandwich shop and the 16 has all your italian meats and such. We like the Pats too, my folks lived briefly in New England, so we have a soft spot for them too. Have a great day 🙂

  2. Lovely post! There is nothing sweeter than family traditions. Lots of love and good feelings and you are continuing the tradition!

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