No one has every accused me of being graceful.  Quite the opposite, if there is something to trip over, knock over or inadvertently break, I will find it.  What makes this even worse is that I am at my clumsiest when I am trying to do something nice which then leads me to my “no good deed goes unpunished” complex.

Well, today has been full of these gems.

My favorite so far has been my attempt to make a nice dinner for my husband.  Since our universe is so very focused on the kiddo, I thought I would switch it up and actually prepare a nice meal that did not come out of a take out box.  The menu was simple: roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans.  I know it sounds silly and I may come to regret this statement later, but I actually enjoy cooking and I miss having home cooked meals so this became an important task in my mind.

So here I am with my dance tunes playing on my phone,  chicken waiting to be prepped, my potatoes scrubbed up and waiting for the pot, my lemon and rosemary cut up and looking like a prop for a food network show, and all this while entertaining a 3 month old who was quite content in her swing.  I grabbed the pot for the potatoes and found it was not clean.  No big deal, I think to myself.  I put it in the sink with some dish soap and let it fill with hot water.  I amuse myself by watching the heap of bubbles grow while I tidy up some other odds and ends on the counter. Its at about this time that my sweet daughter decides she is no longer amused by the swing and wants out of it…right now.  Not a problem, I can grab her put her in a sling and carry on with dinner prep. I turn around, away from the sink to grab her and I hear a “thunk”.  It sounded like something kind of heavy falling into the sink.  I didn’t remember there being anything particularly heavy near the sink so I investigate.  At this point the sink is wrist deep in hot, soapy water, and without giving it much thought I stick my hand in there to find what the source of the noise was.  I took me only a second before my fingers touched a familiar rectangular object.  I knew immediately what it was and immediately I was pissed.  My phone.  I didn’t even remember I had it near the sink and I couldn’t tell you how it managed to fall in there.  At this point Kiddos’s cries became more urgent and I had to tend to her.

At this point it appears the phone still works but I suspect the touch screen is toast.  I have it in a bag of rice in hopes that once it is dry it will work properly but I am not holding my breath.

I don’t care so much about the phone, although being out of contact while Kiddo is in daycare makes me really nervous.  I keep thinking of all the photos I have of her…I have taken pictures of her virtually every day since she was born and I hate the thought of those being lost.  I guess I will go visit our wireless provider tomorrow and see what can be done.

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